What are the benefits of taking a break from alcohol?

What are the benefits of taking a break from alcohol?

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We chat with Drift’s Health Coach and Detox Specialist, Nicole Chandiram why we could all benefit from taking a break from alcohol.

You know that feeling when you feel like your body is finally telling you to take a break from alcohol? Are the hangovers are no longer manageable? Are you seeing ageing effects on the skin or perhaps your energy levels become sluggish? - it could be time for an intervention. Listen to your body and give your liver a rest, this will not just help with physical symptoms but also mental ones too.

What are the risks of drinking too much?

Alcohol is probably one substance that humanity has abused for centuries. We are all aware how alcohol can cause liver and kidney problems as well as addiction; but did you also know there's a chance your drinking habits could lead to weight gain or severe headaches too? 

We have all been guilty of drinking and partying too much and not actually realising how harmful the effects of ingesting alcohol on a regular basis can be. I hold my hands up to being completely guilty of this one. Giving up alcohol can help you to understand more about how your liver works and the damage that toxins do. 

What is detoxing from alcohol?

In its simplest form, detoxing from alcohol involves abstaining from alcohol for a period of time and allowing the body to eliminate all traces of the substance from the tissues and bloodstream. Having a break for around 4-6 weeks can give your body a great chance to eliminate and restore. Plus there are so many great alcohol-free beverages available these days, that you probably won’t even miss it! Here are some of my favourites: 

Savyll Bellini Alcohol-Free Cocktail 0.0% 250ml

If you enjoy a glass of prosecco or champers, you want to give this a try! The perfect fusion of ripe white peach aromas, dry prosecco notes, and aromatic bitters. Best served poured into a chilled prosecco flute.Alcohol Free Cocktail Savyll Bellini

Fungtn Reishi Citra Alcohol-Free Beer 0.4% 330ml

Never have I enjoyed a glass of non-alcoholic beer so much, this is light refreshing, calming, and honestly so good. If you’re a beer lover, but want to reduce how much you’re drinking, here is a great alternative. A juicy, sour Citra hop beer enhanced with adaptogenic organic Reishi mushroom. Reishi Citra is a truly unique tasting beer that delivers functional, positive benefits in every sip.

 Fungtn Reishi Citra Alcohol Free Beer

Genie Dry Apple Kombucha 0.0% 330ml

Think refreshing cider on a summer’s day when you take a sip of this! A deliciously fruity, fermented soda made with black tea and apple juice for a naturally tart, crisp kick. The fermented kombucha cultures and antioxidants in each sip help you feel good. Store chilled and serve over ice.

Genie Apple Kombucha Can Alcohol Free


Not only will a break help with your physical health, but you may find that you have more energy and clarity when you aren’t drinking. Giving up alcohol doesn’t need to be permanent, but taking some time off can do wonders for your overall health and well-being. 

Written by Nicole Chandiram @mindfullivingbynicole

A certified Health Coach specialising in integrative nutrition and holistic health. Nicole builds personalised short-term nutritional programmes and lifestyle plans from her clinic in Hertfordshire and will be sharing all things health and wellness with you.

If you would like to be a Sip & Share contributor, please email us at hello@driftdrinks.co

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